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  • Category : Building/Construction, Consumer Services, Research & Development (R&D), IT-Software/Development
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

We are looking for a Property Officer. What’s your ambition? Is it a big goal or small steps? Professional or personal? We’d like to know, because we make your ambitions our business. And if you have ambitions in property consultancy, helping you achieve them is what we do best. What this job i...
  • Category : Online/e-Commerce, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Customer Service
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities :  Develop and manage e-commerce platform Manage the end-to-end work flow of e-commerce – Order receiving, delivery status, billing, refund and answering customer queries Conduct analysis and research and upkeep with the latest e-commerce trends Build and maintain good custom...
  • Category : Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Entry (Contract)

Why Apply? ●  6 mths contract (renewable or convertible) ●  MNC, industry leader ●  No experience required, training provided ●  Basic up to $2,500 ●  5 days work week, 9am-5.30pm Job scope: ●  To review, analyses & consolidate information from secondary sources, past plan...
  • Category : Restaurant/F&B, Brand/Product Management, Research & Development (R&D), Customer Service
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm)

Responsibilities: Responsible for the efficient running and daily operations of the outlet(s)/brand(s) under his/her purview. Implement recommendations and action plans in audit reports. Oversee all incident reports and ensure the recommendations and action plans are followed through ...
  • Category : Brand/Product Management, Restaurant/F&B, Research & Development (R&D), Customer Service
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsibilities: Effectively manage the kitchen operations to ensure correct standards and procedures are followed in the daily food preparation Consistently monitor food quality and quantity to ensure profit margins are maintained and operating budgets are adhered through effective control systems
  • Category : Restaurant/F&B, Research & Development (R&D), Quality Control/Assurance , Product Development/Management
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities: Assist Chef with creation and preparation. Ensure that food handling and hygiene regulations are followed in accordance with NEA Standards. Prepare and cook dishes in the menu according to restaurant's standards of quality, recipe, consistency and time lines. Ensure all equipme
  • Category : Aerospace, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Develop and implement real-time control algorithms for autonomous vehicles Collaborate with team members to build a complete autonomous driving system  Plan and conduct field tests Maintain and improve the pre-existing application source codes Prepare design documents Knowledg...
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Research & Development (R&D), Medical/Life Science, Maintenance
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Responsibilities: Performing house-keeping duties and ensuring general maintenance of the assigned labs, store and preparation rooms for a clean and safe working environment Ensuring that standard lab instruments, equipment, glassware and apparatus are well-maintained and in good working condition C
  • Category : Research & Development (R&D), Clerical/Admin, Health & Fitness
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

You will coordinate and drive research services, programmes and projects to support Allied Health research strategies across SingHealth institutions. You will facilitate the implementation and coordination of research activities such as the organising of meetings, and managing of grants and projects
  • Category : Research & Development (R&D), Training, Training/Development, Restaurant/F&B
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Description: Teach / train in both theory and practical subjects in the field of Culinary / Pastry studies Guide and coach students for local, regional and international competitions Develop, review, and employ effective courseware and pedagogical methods Conduct WSQ assessments in accordance to the
  • Category : Multimedia/Web, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Contract, Temp)

Job Responsibilities Produce and organize creative  content in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, e-Learning, and other digital interactions    Conceptualise unique ideas when creating content  Source and create audio-visual assets Test and refine content Compile and code e-pubs applications Tr...
  • Category : Industrial & Production, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Develop and implement machine learning algorithms to solve problems related to autonomous driving  Integrate, test, verify the algorithms in real vehicles Collect and pre-process data Plan and conduct field tests Prepare design documents Knowledge/ Skills/ Competencies Require...
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Develop software system by planning, designing, developing and installing software solutions Determine operational feasibility by evaluating the system, requirements, problem definition and solution development Perform integration and testing of developed software modules or sys
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Technician, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Produce high quality technical solution proposals for all pre-sales and bid activities as part of tender submission deliverables Perform detailed technical requirements analysis with potential clients and performing site survey as part of pre-sales activity when required Partici
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Quality Control/Assurance
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Software Development Project Manager  Establish milestones, anticipates issues, and monitors adherence to project scope, requirements and design documents, schedules, and to the software development process Assume day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that the engineering projects are completed o...
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Industrial & Production, Research & Development (R&D), Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Support to kit-out the sub-Lab and outfit a highly functional and low-friction workflow sub-Lab to support the programmes’ activities - these include web and app development environments; data analytics methodologies/tools; and integration and testing environments Own and driv...
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D), Multimedia/Web, Industrial & Production
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Contract, Temp)

Job Responsibilities Apply adult learning theories and principles when designing lessons for classroom, e-Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality Brainstorm creative treatments and innovative instructional strategies Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, interactions and the finished
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Management Trainee, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Entry, Student (Perm, Contract)

Optimum Solutions (199700895N) seek to hire 20 Java Trainee Developers with entry Level Degree / Diploma in any IT / Computing / Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Information Systems related field. Requirement: - Must be able to start work in 11 December 2017 - Min a Letter saying Gr
  • Category : Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronics, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Play a lead role in the technical development of the robotics centre market research on robotics manufacturing technologies/products Meet customers to understand their needs, and formulate these into business plans Involve in the setting up of the robotics centre with the opport
  • Category : Troubleshoot, Technician, Research & Development (R&D), Quality Control/Assurance
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm)

Job Responsibilities: Manage production technology, responsible for research and development of new products decomposition, transformation, and production process design; Manage and handle production trial of new products and provide practicable advice; Plan and design operation process and technica
  • Category : IT-Software/Development, Maintenance, Research & Development (R&D), Industrial & Production
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Participate in application and software development and system testing in accordance with programming standards Perform peer source code review Act as First level support for IT related issues in production floor  Provide maintenance support of production software applications
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, IT-Software/Development, Troubleshoot, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Design software architecture for embedded system used in autonomous/smart vehicle Develop the software/firmware algorithms for artificial intelligence in areas of image processing & control Conduct Cyber security assessments using formal framework  Develop courses of action and
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Industrial & Production, Research & Development (R&D), IT-Software/Development
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Gather and document software/firmware requirement during design reviews/meetings  Design the software architecture for GUI & for embedded hardware  Develop the software/firmware & perform white-box testing Validate the functionalities of the embedded firmware  Perform system ...
  • Category : Research & Development (R&D), IT-Hardware, IT-Software/Development, Industrial & Production
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities Develop software for robotics and automation projects, including man-machine interface, system control, PLC control, database, power management  Optimise the code for embedded system performance Support the conduct of field trials for robotics and automation systems Responsible
  • Category : Business Development, IT-Software/Development, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

Responsibilities Identification and documentation of user requirements and the analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation of solutions to meet these requirements Interpreting and meeting user requirements and manage any changes required Run gap and issue analysis/projects independent

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