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Why Join Us


We serve more than 4 million CPF members, safeguarding $400 billion of their savings and helping them to meet their retirement, healthcare and home ownership needs.

We pull together as one Team CPF, committed to enabling Singaporeans to have a secure retirement. We believe in your potential, and the CPFB Academy will help you to grow professionally in your career with us. We care for you and your family, and our warm and friendly culture will make you feel right at home.

We offer a wide range of career options, with more than 60 departments in the following job families:

Policy and Corporate Management

Our policy, statistics and research teams design policies based on strong data-driven research and business intelligence. The Corporate teams provide professional expertise in Communications, Strategic Planning, Audit, Legal, Risk Management, Finance and Human Capital Management.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service team provides personalised services to our members to help them make informed choices to optimise their CPF savings.

CPF Schemes Management

Our Schemes Management team oversees the CPF accounts of all our members, providing effective services for members to access savings for approved users to meet their retirement, healthcare, housing and other needs.


Agency Services

We work with other government agencies to implement and administer national schemes such as the GST Voucher, Workfare Income Supplement and Silver Support Scheme to benefit citizens.

Infocomm Technology

Our IT team is the backbone of our operations, providing secure and innovative technology solutions to serve our members.



We work with employers to ensure our CPF members receive accurate and timely CPF contributions.


Career Opportunities

The CPF Board is the trustee of members' CPF savings. We seek to protect and preserve the value of the savings. We provide fair market returns at minimal risk, while opening avenues for members to seek higher returns on their own after carefully considering the risks involved. The guiding principle is prudence. And returns should contribute towards the member's well-being in his retirement.

In CPF Board, we believe in achieving our mission and vision through motivated people who are committed to learn, improve and innovate. We do so by creating a conducive work environment and by attracting, nurturing and retaining talent. We provide competitive rewards & benefits to our staff. We develop our staff through well-structured training & development programmes and career development planning.

Technology Graduate Appointment (NextGen Programme) - June 2021 Intake

Are you graduating in 2021? Apply to our NextGen Programme to grow your IT career with CPF Board!

The NextGen Programme is a structured 2-year programme designed to provide you with technical and professional training to be our Next Generation of Technology Specialist and Future Leader to drive the next wave of technology that will impact all Singaporeans. This is our fourth intake since 2015, you will collaborate with a group of passionate tech colleagues within and across domains where you will learn, grow and develop your skills professionally!

We are looking for passionate IT graduates or IT professionals with less than 2 years of working experience to join us! CPF Board’s IT systems are essential in our operations to support Singaporeans in funding their basic needs in retirement – having a roof over their heads, basic healthcare coverage, and a lifelong monthly income to count on in their retirement years. We are a team of 700 people with diverse job capabilities ranging from Application Development & SupportCloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Critical Infra Operating Systems Support, DevSecOps, to Enterprise Architecture where you can explore your area of interest and work on meaningful projects that make a difference to the lives of all Singaporeans.

What you can expect:

  • A challenging and rewarding career where you can contribute to national objectives
  • A friendly work environment with like-minded colleagues to co-create and collaborate together
  • A flexible schedule where work is not constrained to the office and 9-to-6 workdays
  • A productive yet growth-oriented workplace with flexible dress code where you are empowered to decide your appropriate outfit for the day 

Professional Development:

  • Technical training by the School of Technology, CPFB Academy to equip you with the knowledge to carry out your work
  • Experiential learning by working on various national Information & Communications Technology (ICT) projects
  • Attachments and postings to one of the IT departments with on-the-job training
  • Structured leadership development programme for career progression

Buddy & Mentorship:

  • A buddy to help you settle into the job and get familiar with your working environment
  • A senior mentor to provide guidance and help you achieve your long-term career goals

Cash Incentives:

  • Attractive sign-on incentives, on top of your yearly increment and performance bonus

The 2-year programme will help you form the foundation of your IT career in CPF Board. Those who have demonstrated potential in your work will be invited to continue another 2-year development programme to deepen your specialisation. In this development programme, you will be rotated across different job functions and will also be given stretch assignments. In addition, you will get the opportunity to go into either the Management or Technical Specialist track.  

Qualities we are looking for: 

  • Self-driven. You are a resilient go-getter with good organisational skills.
  • Naturally curious. You constantly look for ways to improve things and will think out of the box to explore solutions.
  • A team player. You are always ready to support the team and go above and beyond to meet the Board’s goals
  • A good communicator. You know how to simplify complex issues and effectively enable anyone to understand them.

If you have any of the above qualities, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and help build the future CPF Board for future generations! 


Application Process:

  • Submission of application: Please include your latest educational transcript and class of degree obtained/ expected in the submission.
  • Selection Assessment. Shortlisted candidates will receive calls/emails to attend the interview from December 2020 to March 2021. You will be notified by our HR team if you are offered a position in the programme by April 2021.
  • Intake: Successful candidates will join us officially in June 2021.

Find out more at [Click Here to Email Your Resume] page

Visit www.cpf.gov.sg/careers to find out about working in CPF Board.

You can email your enquiries relating to career or internship opportunities with CPF Board to hr@cpf.gov.sg