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Building Your Online Presence and Reputation

by Kevin Tan

Let’s face it, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. With the slew of social media platforms growing by the day, no matter where you live, getting noticed is becoming more and more difficult. Employers too now prefer online applications in their search for potential applicants. This obviously limits the amount of face-to-face contact.

It’s one of the shortfalls of the internet, but how can you use the internet and technology to your advantage to stand out instead of being looked over and be forgotten?

Many people often think that online job applications are just for technology careers and young people, but it’s not. There are many cases where having a solid online presence has proven beneficial to people of all ages and industries.

The following are four simple tips to get you started on thinking about crafting a credible online presence.

Tip 1: Who Am I?

Determining who you are is the most basic step and can often be the hardest. When people search for you online, what do you want them to find? How are you unique? Do you have a personal mission you want others to know? Thinking about how you want hiring managers to see you will help them identify if your professional values matches the culture of their organisation. Google ‘personal mission statements’ to help you locate resources to begin crafting your personal identity.

Tip 2: Audit Yourself

You’d be surprised at how often hiring managers search their applicants online. Google yourself and see what strangers see when they search for you on social networks. Are the results about you accurate and consistent with what you want people to know about you? Is there anything unsavory about you that is likely to discredit you and jeopardise the impression you will make on hiring managers?

If you find “dirt”, start working to cleanup comments that might put you in a bad light. Take down photos that would otherwise represent you in a negative way. Having an online presence means anyone who wants to know you beyond your resume can google you at all times. It’s wise to get into the routine of monitoring your search results at least once a week. This would also help you think twice about posting that big boozy night out with your friends over the weekend.

Tip 3: Being Professional Does Not Mean You Are a Robot

Just because you’re convincing the world your excellent skill sets doesn’t mean you don’t have a life. When it’s appropriate, postings about your interests or personal life can provide a nice peek into who you are. You can demonstrate a wide variety of interests and highlight yourself as a well-rounded individual. Besides knowing that you have the relevant skills to do the job, hiring managers are interested to know your interests and what motivates you.

Tip 4: Staying on Top

Be active! Once you feel your online presence represents your personal brand, keep it up to date. Post interesting articles and start conversations on Twitter. Update your LinkedIn account with that great job accomplishment. Regularly update your website or online resume. Posting and commenting on articles relevant to your professional field will allow others to see that you are staying on top of issues in your industry.